The Axle Bundle
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The Axle Bundle


Multi-Functional Collapsible Barbell


The Axle is an ultra-light, multi-functional barbell that is fully collapsible for easy storage in any training facility or home. It’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and easily portable for a workout on the go. This unique equipment can function as a barbell, core roller, planking tool, or a foot anchor for core exercises. It’s also capable of holding any Olympic plate for added resistance during training. The Axle Barbell’s ease of use and functionality provides anyone with the opportunity to master hundreds of exercises in a wide range of vertical and horizontal planes. This bundle includes a pair of Olympic Plates, as well as a 1/2 Axle Strength Band. This medium strength band integrates perfectly with the Axel system and functions as an independent resistance tool to provide hundreds of exercise options. The included Axle Foot Anchors bring new levels of versatility by allowing you to connect your feet to the barbell for dozens of new core training exercises. Use it toes-down for abdominal work or heels down for hamstring, glute, and calf exercises.