The Covert Bombe
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The Covert Bombe


WWII Code Breaking Machine Clock


Made from hundreds of individually machined components, the Bombe is a 1:1 recreation of the World War II code breaking machine devised by Alan Turing. It’s a truly stunning piece of mechanical art, as well as a comprehensive Nixie clock. The Bombe has 4 motorized drums that silently rotate to test every possible combination of letters to match and crack the internal code. The clock uses 6 hand made RZ568M Nixie tubes from Czech producer Dalibor Farny, and also uses GPS to synchronize so it always shows the right time. Nixie tubes were invented in 1955, and were a means for early electronic devices to display numbers. They consist of a clear glass tube, with the numbers from 0 – 9 are stacked behind each other. The tube is filled with neon gas and then sealed. Each digit has its own connection, and when a small electrical current is applied, the neon gas around the digit is ionized, which causes the distinctive orange glow. There is no heat produced, so the tubes can last up to 20 years.