The Cutter Wedge
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The Cutter Wedge


Triangular Face Stainless Steel Wedge
Individual Lofts (Left Hand 52° Wedge)


Patented and built with physics in mind, the Cutter Wedge is quite frankly the most highly designed and innovative wedge ever created. Although it has same loft, bounce, and lie angle as a typical wedge, the similarities end there. Gifted with a symmetrical face profile, crescent-shaped sole, and triangular head, the Cutter Wedge is a simple way to improve your short game. If your aim is off by even 5° left or right from the target, an otherwise good shot calculates to an 8.7-yard distortion, which might be the difference between making or missing the green. The Cutter Wedge’s “self-aiming” face makes this an issue of the past. The 75% larger sweet spot means that regardless of uphill, downhill, or any lie angle, your sweet spot is never reduced and the 66% less leading edge ensures less drag, more speed, and more accurate shots. The balanced perimeter weighting also lowers the “Center of Gravity” for higher trajectory and softer landings and all this is possible because of the 39% larger hitting “Probability Circle.