The Rav-Mag Rubber Broom
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The Rav-Mag Rubber Broom


Heavy Duty Rubber Broom & Squeegee


The Rav-Mag Rubber Broom will get your floors cleaner than ever in less time and with less effort. Broom on one side and squeegee on the other, this incredible tool incorporates 2 effective cleaning essentials in one user-friendly design and features heavy-duty extra-long stick for hard-to-reach areas. The soft rubber bristles are suitable for cleaning any delicate surface in the home, and will never scratch furniture, while remaining tough enough to clean rough walkways without wear or loss of shape. Use it outdoors to keep your deck or patio looking pristine, or indoors to clean your tiles and hardwood floors. Ideal for more than just hard flooring, the rubber broom acts as a carpet rake for sweeping area rugs, runners, carpeted stairs, and more. The rubber design interlocks its bristles to form a solid wall that even tiny pieces of dirt can’t slip through, so it not only picks up loose dirt, it catches all the hair and fur your vacuum cleaner leaves behind. By using short strokes, you build up a static charge that not only lifts dirt and hair out of the carpet, but it keeps it from flying through the air.