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Waterproof Survival Gear Backpack
Pro Survival System (Orange)


“Go Bags” or “Bug Out Bags” and other survival-oriented packs are not a new concept, but most of what is available in the marketplace is poorly executed, not purposely designed, and outdated. Cheap materials, unnecessary or missed components, combined with poor or no instruction make these bags a dangerous waste of money. Uncharted Supply Co.’s The SEVENTY2™ Pro is the world’s first fully-integrated 72-hour survival system. A product everyone should have at home, at work and in their car, it’s improved design is meant to help two people survive during the highly-critical first 72 hours of an emergency situation. While the backpack looks similar to the original SEVENTY2, the durability, fit and organization has improved. The internal tools have also been restructured and refined for optimal use and need. With over 30 designed and curated survival tools organized by use and need, intuitive instructions, and thousands of applications, you can now make sure you and your family are prepared for anything life throws at you. While day to day life is comfortable for most, life can change in an instant, and in the world we live in, being prepared is not an option any more. It’s a necessity.The outer shell is made of lightweight, waterproof, and extremely durable tarpaulin. This material is so air-tight, the bag can be used as a floatation device. Both shoulders feature flashlight mounts for hands free lighting, and the logo is highly reflective, providing additional safety at night. The adjustable sternum strap features an integrated emergency whistle, and a durable and lightweight metal water bottle that can be used for both hydration and cooking.