Tittle X
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Tittle X


Smart Gaming Golf Simulator
Basic Package


The Tittle X Golf Simulator 2020 E6 Connect Edition combines a new generation of smart sensor with a 4K online golf simulator to offer a complete, virtual golf experience that’s both challenging and competitive like the real sport. Use this cutting-edge tool with launch monitors to teach or train on the driving range, compete in leagues and online events, or just play fun games at home with friends and family.When golf meets Tittle X anyone can play the game. This smart sensor easily attaches to your club or swing stick (not included) to analyze your swing and help improve your golf game. It connects directly to your PC or iOS device via Bluetooth so you can use it with the included E6 CONNECT online golf simulator software. This high-quality, fully customizable software was created by Trugolf, the world’s leading simulator company. It features lifelike 4K graphics as well as fully adjustable settings for swing difficulty and sensitivity.