Travel Box
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Travel Box


Travel Box Unisex Cologne
Set of 8 Parfums


This spectacular Travel Box features 8 unisex colognes from Parfumerie Particulière in travel-ready 5ml bottles.Inspired by a little Amalfi village nestled between two mountains, Blue Mandarine features deep layers of fresh spices and citrus. This patchwork of sweet and enticing fragrances feels as though it was carried along the coastal air, just above the water, to offer you a decadent taste of la dolce vita.Capturing the precise, ritualistic experience of adding sugar to a glass of Absinthe, Belle Epoque is a deceptively complicated scent with vanishing notes of anise wormwood and licorice. Smokey and herbal, this fragrance is sure to entice every one of your senses.Capturing a distinct moment in time in the salon of a Parisian mansion, Madeleine is a sweet, aromatic fragrance charged with emotion and a deep sense of nostalgia in its citrus and floral notes.Inspired by the sweet and spicy scents that perfume the streets of Rio where the city and the jungle meet, Tonka Fever is a smooth and sensual fragrance. The peppery notes are balanced by a hint of vanilla, perfect for igniting your inner passions.Capturing the essence of a cliffside landscape at twilight, just as black rain meets the warm earth, Pluie Noire is a fresh, spicy scent with rich floral and aquatic aromatics. Embodying the dissonant energy of an evening stroll through Berlin amongst austere Bahaussian architecture, Berlin(h)er features the woodsy, herbal scent of tree and flower lined city walkways. Capturing the exquisite moment when black ink begins to stain the virgin page, Type Writer is a smoky scent with a warm, spicy undertone, and the faint hint of leather bound books and papyrus papers strewn around a well used study. Inspired by the feel of warm asphalt beneath your feet as you wander the beautiful and mysterious city streets of Iztapalapa, Black Tar is a woody, earthy scent with a warm, spicy undertone, and the faint hint of florals emerging from their concrete landscape.