USB Rechargeable Headlamp
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USB Rechargeable Headlamp


Waterproof LED USB Rechargeable Headlamp
8 Lights


Get a clear view with this super powerful USB Rechargeable Headlamp. Featuring 8 LEDs and 8 modes, this safety lamp provides extremely bright, 14400 lumen light with a beam up to 1300 feet and a red light on the battery box to help you in an emergency. Press the LED mode button to control the main beam, side beam, full beam, and SOS strobe modes, and use the COB auxiliary mode button to control the strong beam, high beam, red light, and red flash mode.The elastic headband is completely adjustable for long-wearing comfort. The lamp head can rotate 90° so you can adjust the light and direction according to your needs. The IPX4 waterproof rating means this headlamp can be used in the rain, while fishing, and a whole range of outdoor activities.This headlamp comes with two removable batteries and a USB cable to provide up to 6 hours of illumination per charge.