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All-In-One Phone Charger


The WonderCube is the so-small-you-barely-notice-it tech accessory that miniaturizes 8 mobile essentials into a super portable, 1-cubic-inch keyring. Unfold in eight different ways for charging, syncing, phone stand, emergency power boost, flash memory, and more.WonderCube is durable and compact enough to live right on your keyring, so it will always be there when you need it. Quick charge in an instant without any tangled cords using the always-attached cable securely housed inside. Utilize the stand to prop up your phone in portrait or landscape mode to watch a movie or Skype on the go. Plug it into your phone for another 128GB of memory (Android only), use it as a USB flash drive, or even connect a 9V battery for an emergency charging boost. Transfer, back up, or sync files with or without a network— or even use it as a flashlight! There’s no end to what The WonderCube can help you accomplish.