World Travel Map
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World Travel Map


Wall Mounted World Map


The Travel Map® Geography World is a beautiful and incredibly detailed large-format map of the world, including the tiny islands, countries, cities, and places of interest that you don’t find on most maps. It also includes a list of popular destinations, to help inspire your travels. It’s designed with a metallic gold top later that you can scratch off as you travel. Just take the scratcher and scratch off the layer from the countries you have already visited and your own travel history will come alive in bright colors. This map will be an excellent adornment for the home or an inspired present for your friends and family.At first glance, it might seem easy to get confused by the amount of cities, bodies of water, depths, deserts and other objects, but this map is carefully designed to be clear and beautiful. It’s detailed enough that you can accurately represent individual places you’ve visited, instead of just general regions — especially helpful if you travel extensively around a particular area. The map is packed into a beautiful designer tube that shows the world’s top ten most popular tourist attractions, a list of the smallest countries in terms of territory, and a manual of how to use the map.