World Travel Map
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World Travel Map


Limited Edition Tear & Flexible Resistant World Map
Black + Gold


The limited edition Travel MapĀ® Black World is a big wall map of the entire world a with a special scratch-off coating, so you can easily mark countries as you visit them: just use a scratcher to remove gold scratch-off coating and reveal the countries you have been to, creating a vivid record of your travel history. You can even draw in the routes you took while traveling, or write notes about the places you’ve been with the special white marker, and even wipe them off again if you wish. Every map is packed into a stylish designed tube, which protects your Travel MapĀ® from damage and solves the problem how to present it as a gift, or pack it and take it with you. The tube even features hidden information about how much you’d have to travel to uncover the whole map!