Zwilling Pro
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Zwilling Pro


Ergonomic Cutting Board & Knife Set
Cutting Board + Knives


The ZWILLING Pro 5 Piece Prep Set is stocked with all the tools you need for effortless prepping: knives, shears, a sharpener and a cutting board. The 4 Paring Knife is ideal for in-hand paring tasks, such as peeling and trimming apples and potatoes, while the 5.5 Fine Edge Knife allows you to slice, dice, and chop meat, cheese, and produce on a cutting board. Made from special formula stainless steel, the ice-hardened blades are exceptionally sharp for precision prep work. The ergonomic handles ensure fatigue free cutting. It’s a cinch to keep your blades sharp with the 2-Stage Pull-Thru Sharpener, whose protected safety grip keeps fingers out of harm’s way. The beautiful, durable, and hygienic Bamboo Cutting Board won’t dull your knives, while the Kitchen Shears are great for cutting herbs and opening packages.